Basic Information

乃村 翼

Born in Kyoto in 1985, living in Yokohama City.
Like : kraft beer (I obtain Japan Beer Kentei 2nd Grade), snow-boarding, watching Walking Dead on Netflix

my photo Tsubasa Nomura

I am working as a field engineer at a US-based software company.
Now I am seeking an opportunity to be a software engineer in the States, I have been passionate about training coding and learning English(aiming at TOEIC Score 700+). From server kitting/racking to application development and process management, I am an all-around player with strong career background.

Favorite Azure service : Front Door
Favorive language : Go / TypeScript

Professional Experiences

  • 1. SIer (Mobile phone career system test and management)


    I performed the test design and man-hour management as the leader of mobile phone career's NIX-based system testing team.
    The main task is to create and send HTTP/IMAP packets to test, which I spent most of my time on. This made me understand what protocol headers mean only by seeing binary patterns.
    Experiencing this kind of project management such as man-hour calcuration and resource management, it led me to step into the next career forward.

    • ▪ Test design
    • ▪ Construction of test environment
    • ▪ Client management
    • OS : Red Hat Linux, Solaris, HP-UX
    • Key Technology : TCP/IP, HTTP, IMAP, Perl, ShellScript
  • 2. Infrastructure Engineer/SRE (VoIP system construction and management with containers


    I built up my next career at a start-up company providing ther own services for call center system.
    Managed to cover all the procedures; including server kitting, intalling in data centers to network design and construction, application development, customer support.
    For call center system, extremely high application response speed and seamless sound quality without latency or dropping are always required.
    In order to build and maintain such robust system, I have performed comparative verification of network devices/providers, as well as thorough application performance improvement.

    Also, I gained the skills of application deployment with Redis to improve response from MySQL, construction/management of IP-PBX with Asterisk, and load valancer deployment with LVS. Especially, the experience in managing containers with LXC prior to Docker gave me a firm basic knowledge of up-to-date technology such as cgroup/namespace.

    • ▪ Construction of call center environment: server kitting, Rack design, network design, client management
    • ▪ SIP server construction with Asterisk
    • ▪ Networking
    • ▪ Server construction and deployment with Linux
    • ▪ Development of affiliate applications
    • ▪ Improvement of in-house environment
    • ▪ Customer support
    • ▪ troubleshooting
    • ▪ # of Servers : 200-300 units
    • Key Technology : Linux, LXC, Asterisk, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Perl, PHP, Redis, Ansible, DRBD, GitLab
  • 3. Premier Field Engineer/CRE (Proactive support)


    I have been in charge of proactive support for customer's Azure design and implementation as a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft Japan.
    Please refer to the following link for further job details.
    What does a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) do in Azure Support? (Japanese)

    • ▪ Supporting system implementation / migrattion utilizing Azure or other Microsoft solutions
    • ▪ Prividing technical training
    • ▪ Application development with OSS stack
    • ▪ Troubleshooting
    • Key Technology : Azure, Linux, Windows

Technical Skills

    Language Experiences

    • ▪ Go
    • ▪ Node.js(TypeScript)


    • ▪ Azure
    • ▪ Linux


    • ▪ LFCS: Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator
    • ▪ Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert
    • ▪ Software Design & Development Engineer Examination


Date Event Site (currently Japanese only)
2009/08/14-16 Comic Market C79/C80 OpenLDAP/FreeBSD jail/Pacemaker + DRBD Book
2014/04/12 3rd Container-based Virtualization Seminar @ Osaka A Beginner's Guide to Free bsd jail
2015/08/22 YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015 A Beginner's Guide to Windows for Open Source Engineer
2016/10/29 10th Container-based Virtualization Seminar @ Tokyo Container on Windows
2016/07/23 YAP(achimon)C::Asia Hachioji 2016 mid in Shinagawa Container on Windows
2018/09/08 buidlerscon tokyo 2018 Anti-pattern best practice to use Azure in enterprise environment
2019/09 Development of WriteWith - Writing chat app by communicating face to face
*developed with TypeScript / WebRTC
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